A simple module that tracks downloads of files added through CCK/Fields by asking anonymous users to enter their email address. Returning anonymous users are tracked using a cookie. A tracking interface shows email address and user account information for tracked files downloaded on the site.

Why only have users enter their email address? Email addresses are a unique and easy way to identify users, and the barrier for entry is lower than actually registering for the site.

Set up is easy:

  1. Download, install, and enable the module.
  2. For any file field you would like to track, choose one of the display formatters labeled "(with tracking)".
  3. Watch statistics stack up at http://example.com/admin/reports/downloads.

Please note: Those who are not using this module with a private file directory should consider choosing a file path that is sufficiently complex or contains a hash so that direct URLs to files are hard to guess.

This module is heavily based on Email Download. Check out the Comparison of file download gateway and tracking modules for a list of similar modules.

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