The filedepot module is full featured Document Management module that has a google docs like feel. It fulfills the need for an integrated file management module supporting role and user based security. Documents can be saved outside the Drupal public directory to protect documents for safe access and distribution.

Checkout the filedepot_linkit module which supports browsing and inserting filedepot links from WYSIWYG editors.

Desktop Application Support

The Filebuilder desktop application is now available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS to easily upload 100's of files or very large files and manage your filedepot document repository from your desktop - a video overview is available.

Noted changes with the 7.x release

  • Install will create a new content type 'filedepot_folder' and a content node for each folder. Files are still attachments like the D6 version
  • Using the D7 file API and the private file system stream
  • Support for folder permissions to be assigned by user, role or group (OG), same as the D6 version
  • OG mode will create a new top level folder automatically for new groups and will show only Group related folders using a url like {sitename}/filedepot/{groupname}
  • Support for OG module v1 and v2
  • Support for Libraries module v1 and v2
  • The module's "New Folder" and "New File" forms use the Form API and ctools modal dialog
  • No longer using the flash upload widget that was used in the D6 version file upload dialog
  • Removed support for the filedepot desktop client at this time, it will need to be re-written to work with D7
  • Does not yet include any update from the D6 version, support for new installations only - patches or sponsorship welcomed

Module Feature Summary

  • Intuitive and convenient combination of features and modern Web 2.0 design provides the users with the familiar interface to organize and find their files. Cloud Tag and File tagging support to organize and search your files.
  • Files of all type can be stored in filedepot. The module admin allows you to define the allowable file extension and mime types.
  • Flexible permission model allows you to delegate folder administration to other users. Setup, view, download and upload access for selected users or roles. Any combination of permissions can be setup per folder.
  • Support for the filebuilder desktop application for bulk uploading and remote management. Users can easily upload one or 100's of files and very large files directly to the filedepot document repository. Simply drag and drop files from their local desktop and they are uploaded.
  • Document tagging allows users to search the repository by popular tags. Users can easily see what tags have been used and select one of multiple tags to display a filtered view of files in the document repository.
  • Users can upload new versions of files and the newer file will automatically be versioned. Previous versions are still available. When used with the desktop client, users can have the hosted file in filedepot automatically updated each time the user saves the file - online editing.
  • Users can selectively receive notification of new files being added or changed. Subscribe to individual file updates or complete folders. File owner can use the Broadcast feature to send out a personalized notification.
  • Convenient reports to view latest files, most recent folders, bookmarked files, locked or un-read files.
  • Users can flag document as 'locked' to alert users that it is being updated.

Video Tutorials

This module is sponsored by Nextide and their consultants are available to assist you with your projects.

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