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I've drifted out of Drupal development and i would be glad if someone would be able to adopt this orphan module.

Allow copying CCK fields from an existing node into another node on creation.

Example of use in a simple cart:
* Content type called Product: holds the product price. The price is changing every day.
* Content type called Item: holds many stuff, and also the product price. Node reference is not good, since the price in the product node is changing all the time.

* You define the Content type you wish to copy.
* You define the URL argument (ARG) that will represent the node id (NID) of the node to copy from.
* When creating the new node (Item for example) the URL should be add/item/[nid]

* fix bug with FieldGroup
* Allow copying CCK image fields
* Improve friendliness - if content type/ field name change - Copying rules will be updated.

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