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Adds a new CCK field type for referencing fields in CCK content types. In other words, the same as Node Reference, but only references a portion (that is, a field) instead of the whole node. The referenced field gets injected into the referring node.

The formatter configuration is straightforward:

  • 'teaser' formatter formats the referenced as it is configured in its own content type for a teaser view.
  • 'full' formatter formats the referenced field as it is configured in its own content type for a full view
  • 'default' formatter formats the referenced field according to the referring node: when the referring node is displayed in teaser (respectively full) view, the referenced field is formatted as it is configured in its own content type for a teaser (respectively full) view.

A concrete use case:

  • suppose you have the "Image" and "Blog post" content types
  • declare an imagefield field shared by your two content types
  • when an image is "important enough", you can create an "Image" node for the image, with the ability to add a description and even to make this not part of a gallery created with views
  • you can as well attach images to your "Blog post" nodes when images only make sense in the context of this very specific post

But what if you want to illustrate some blog post by reusing an image that is already part of an "Image" node?

  • add a fieldreference field to your "Blog post" content type and configure it to be able to reference your Image:field_image field
  • now your blog posts can borrow images from your "Image" nodes without the need to upload a second version of a same image just for the sake of attaching it to a blog post

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