The manage display screen with Field as Block checkboxes
A node page with fields displayed as blocks

Field as Block provides an easy way to display one or more fields of the current node in a block.

This module aims to be a light weight alternative to modules like Panels and Display Suite, or using Views to define a block which only retrieves one field.

Usage (Drupal 7)

  • Enable the module
  • Open the Manage Display admin page of the entity (for instance: /admin/structure/types/manage/article/display for the article node type)
  • Mark one or more fields to be displayed as block
  • Select the desired formatter and formatter settings
  • Set the field label to hidden if you do not want the block to have a title
  • Save the Manage Display form
  • Open the block administration form (/admin/structure/block) and assign the block(s) to a region

Usage (Drupal 8)

- ToDo: Write instructions. -


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