Suppress field data from being loaded during entity_load(). Since field data will not be loaded it will not be displayed nor editable through the interface. This can be handy if you are using an alternate means to display or edit data and/or if you have a large amount of data in fields which will cause the node edit (or similar) interface to use a huge amount of memory and take a very long time to build.

Two new field settings are provided.
field_suppress: The following three states are provided.
never: Never suppress field data.
always: Always suppress field data. Any changes to field data will be ignored during entity update and insert.
load: Only suppress field data during entity_load() so any data added will be saved during entity update or insert.

field_suppress_blank: In some cases it may be useful to have a "blank" entry be added for a field that is suppressed. An example is when using this module with Field group views which uses field_group to replace the fields that are children of the group. If none of the fields have a value then the group will not be displayed. Keep in mind this is somewhat hackish since the field API does not provide a standard array structure so adding a "blank" row may not always work.

Recommended for use with Field group views.

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