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Field States UI allows sites builders with minimal PHP/Dev skills to configure the Field States API. This lets you configure a field to for example hide if another field has a certain value or hasn't been filled. While doing it via PHP can be be more powerful the UI can be very handy and in some cases quicker. Originally developed for Metchosin Karate for their student signup forms.


Drupal 8 is required, Drupal 8.2.x or higher is suggested.


Install as you would normally install a contributed Drupal module. See the Drupal 8 instructions if required in the Drupal documentation for further information.


Configuration can be accessed per field instance wherever that field instance is usually configured. For example for the Node type Article that would be at /admin/structure/types/manage/article/form-display.


Current State:

- Minimal viable functionality
- Add Field States
- States are applied correctly on form for most field types.
- All core states are supported.
- Edit Field States
- Delete Field States
- Support all field types: It now supports all field types however handling of most contrib fields possibly some core field types could be optimized.
- Validation of entered values

Functionality required for full release:

- Automated Tests

Future/really good to have/may make it into 1.0:

- AJAX edit/create/delete/validation
- Only allow valid options (ie: if targeting a checkbox as your comparison field only allow checked/unchecked rather than allowing values etc.)


Any questions? Ask away on the issue queue or email:

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