Presents Field Collection fields in a modal for adding / editing / deleting content.

This module will change the add / edit / delete links on field collections to use CTools modals, and will present the forms for adding / editing content, and the button for deleting content, in a modal.

The modals are standard CTools modals, so styling will need to be applied for custom formatting.

Currently, field collection does not support revisions. However this is under active development for both field collection and Entity API (which field collection depends on). Once revision support is implemented for field collection, this module will be revised to support revision editing as well.

This module is dependent on:

This module was developed using Field Collection version 7.x-1.0-beta4.

Original idea for this module was derived from a blog post by domidc. Code has been refactored for increased usability.

Future planned changes:

  • Add support for revisions when revisions are supported by Entity API and Field Collection

Note: This module does not currently support nested field collections.

Project Information