This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Fetchgals is a public domain webspider used to download and/ or display free content gathered from adult entertainment TGP sites (Thumbnail Gallery Posts). This module provides a user interface for the fetchgals package and automates the entire process. It also allows you to display the content gained right there on your own Drupal site.


  • Linux webserver
  • Drupal 4.7
  • Perl 5.8.0 or better (you do NOT need to set up Perl as an Apache module, as long as you can run Perl on the command line this module will work)
  • Filesys::Df Perl module which can be downloaded from
  • fetchgals 5.6 (downloaded from


  • BerkeleyDB Perl module which can be downloaded from this is only used by findtgps which the casual user won't need to use

From the fetchgals website:

The fetchgals distribution comes with a huge list of TGPs. This list was generated by a separate script called findtgps, which is also included in the distribution. Fetchgals visits these TGPs in order to locate thumbnail galleries. The images and movies of these galleries can then be downloaded. Since there's a couple hundred gigabytes of free porn on the internet at any given time, fetchgals constantly monitors local disk space to avoid overruns. Alternatively, fetchgals can create local HTML pages that link to the known galleries; this minimizes disk and bandwidth usage.

Neither nor the author of this module are responsible for the use of this module. You should be aware of the legislation applying to your site.

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