This module enables Drupal to receive email messages and post them directly into a forum. Each forum gets its own unique email address, which only users registered on the site and assigned the permission "post by femail", may post to. For example, a forum titled "Femail issues" on this website would get the email address femail-issues@drupal.org. Users are able to subscribe to "All forums", or any number of individual forums. Once subscribed, any messages that they didn't post to the forum themselves will be emailed to them. If a user replies to these messages, they will automatically get posted into the correct thread within the forum, and will also be nested correctly. Email headers are also correctly set, meaning that a user using an email client that supports threading (Kmail, Evolution, Thunderbird, etc) will see the same message structure in their client as is seen on the website.

Due to the fact that this module requires email to be set up on your webserver, installation is not a simple process. The following steps must be performed before this module has any chance of working for you:

  • A user must be created on your server. This user should have fairly restricted privileges (Use of Jailkit isn't a bad idea here).
  • All mail to your domain should be redirected to the above user (You can probably get away with some mail being sent to other users, but if you do this, you won't be able to have a forum with the same name as that user).
  • Procmail (or similar) should be set up to pipe messages in to the femail_procmail_drush script provided with this module.
  • The drush module must be installed, and the drush command MUST be in your path.
  • The module uses the PECL Mailparse extension which therefore must be installed on your server.
  • All mail must be sent to this webserver, and not to other mailservers (Either one MX record must exist which points at the server, or none)

Users are identified by the sending mail address, a post will be marked as being authored by user X, if the "From:" header of the email matches the email address that user X registered with. It is also possible for users to add additional email addresses which should be associated with their account. User X must have the relevant permissions "create forum topics" or "post comments" and also "post by femail" before an email will be posted to the site.

As of 6.x-1.4, Femail supports the addition of attachments to posts. This relies on the core Upload and Contrib Comment Upload modules (neither of which are dependencies - Femail will still work without enabling attachments). The 7.x version of the module only relies on the core File module for uploads.

You can test the Drupal 7.x version of this module at http://femailtest-d7.scratchpads.eu.

7.x-2.x Branch

The 7.x-2.x branch has been released. It has a few new features, including the ability to use a hook (hook_femail_alter) to modify/add to the message content before it is sent.

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