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A Drupal installation profile for testing Feeds module.


Download and install following Drupal installation instructions. When prompted for which profile to install, choose "Feeds Test Site".

Once installed, manually install Simpletest following its setup instructions in INSTALL.txt. Simpletest is available in profiles/feeds_test/modules/simpletest but it is not automatically enabled as it will require you to patch Drupal core before installation. Patch simpletest with #587304-3.

Then, download SimplePie and place in feeds/libraries.

Go to admin/build/testing, select "Feeds" and run tests.


If you develop for Feeds, run in profiles/feeds_test which will rebuild the modules directory, check out the latest Feeds version from CVS and patch Simpletest module ( won't patch Drupal core though, so you still have to take care of that yourself).

For running, you will need drush >= 3.1 and drush_make >= 2.0-beta7.

Drupal 7

As many modules don't have Drupal 7 releases yet, you will need to drush make the Drupal 7 version of Feeds Test Site yourself. Please see release notes and README.txt.

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