This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.


This module detects the language of nodes created by FeedAPI and adds the language information to the node. This makes it for example possible to show only the nodes in the users language on a multilingual site.

It uses statistical text analysis to determine the language of a node. This means that a feed can contain nodes in different languages and the correct language is detected for each individual node of the feed.

For the technological implementation a lot of ideas of Reto Fassbind were used.


  1. Download and install the module as usually
  2. Make sure you have at least two languages activated on your Drupal page
  3. Copy the file into the following directory modules/feedapi_mapper/mappers
  4. You need a finger print for each language you want to detect. Fingerprints can be downloaded from: Reto Fassbind's page
  5. Copy the fingerprint into the feedapi_languagedetect\fingerprints directory. Make sure that the filename correspondents to the languages country-code. For example for German the filename would be de.lm
  6. You are ready to go. Set up a new feed. Activate the language detect checkbox. Choose the language detect mapping under the map register

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