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This module is add-on for FeedAPI module, implementing FeedAPI's hook hook_after_parse().

The module processes feed items immediately after parsing and retains only these feed items
that match some user-defined filtering criteria. The module has extensible structure, i.e. all filters are in their own separate sub-modules. This means that users can write their own custom filters based on the hooks that are provided by the module and different types of filters can be used simultaneously (the filters will be used by weighted order).

The problem, that the module tries to solve is described here:

Required modules


Currently there is keyword filter module included with the core package, as this is much requested feature for most syndication modules. The keyword filter filters feed items by their description -- only these items, that have user defined keywords in the feed will be saved into the site. Both positive and negative keywords as well as phrases are supported in keyword filter module.

Filters included in the package:

  • Keyword filter -- filters feed items by keywords in the item description

Work in progress:

  • Almost there: Regular Expressions filter -- filters feed items by user defined regular expression. This filter will be slower than keyword filter.
  • Planning phase: Timestamp filter -- filters feed items by comparing the timestamp and current time.

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