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An extensible FeedAPI parser.

Developer Notes

This module is still under development and API's are subject to change. However things are slowing down and gearing up for a final 1.0 release.

If you are interested in using it for creating plugins, any feedback for improvments is welcome.


The goal of this project is to provide a simple interface for building parsers for the FeedAPI module. It divides the process into several steps.

  1. Download plugins provide different methods for download. The bundled plugin uses the Drupal drupal_http_request() function to complete requests. Other options could include cURL or some other library and local files should be possible in the next release of FeedAPI.
  2. The first group of parsing plugins is the Type Plugin which is responsible for parsing out the structure of the feed.
  3. The second group, Namespace Plugins, build on top of Type Plugins and find data in provided structure to attach to the final object.


  • We now use a feature in ctools.module that was just added so currently you must use the 1.0 or later release for this module to work.
  • Currently you must set the FeedAPI Extensible Parser as the primary parser for it to work. It will also likely break any other parsers you might enable on the feed. As the only parser on a feed.


For a brief history please see this issue

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