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Features Scripts are command line shell scripts designed to help with building Drupal sites using Features, Drush and Drush Make. It actually automates the processes of installing new Drupal sites and adding new features to them, both used in site building.

Overview of the concept

These scripts assume the following:

  • Your site is been build fully with the help of features. Therefore there is a need to separated everything what is related to a particular functionality into a particular feature module.
  • A feature is bundling not only it's exportable components, but also a make file for downloading its dependencies, and a shell script for making all the other changes related to a feature where needed.
  • Your starting point, all the functionality which you need for using this workflow (all what is on top of a naked Drupal install in this case) is bundled in a feature which we call the basic feature. The script contains only how to download and install Drupal and this basic feature.


Scripts are designed to be executed from the root path of a Drupal site or independent
of any Drupal sites entirely.


  • Build and install a Drupal site start point.

    my_start example

  • Build and enable a desired feature from your existing features repository.

    my_feature examplefeature


Windows users

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