Features Clone is a Drush command that allows quick cloning of a Feature. It can be used to rename or fork (e.g. to start a new feature off of an existing one) a Feature installed on a Drupal site.


drush features-clone <src_featurename> <dst_featurname>

 src_featurename  -  Required. Modulename (machine name) of the Feature to Clone.     
 dst_featurename  -  Required. Machine name of the new Feature created after cloning. 

Note: source feature must be installed and enabled on a Drupal instance that the drush command is run against.


Module uses pretty straightforward search/replace technique so if the name of your feature is something non-unique and can match some other things in your codebase, unintended/unpleasant consequences may follow. Please name your features with unique names and as with any other change to codebase: backup, test, test again.


Please refer to the included INSTALL.txt for detailed installation instructions.

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