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Add token based per bundle directory and filename settings for file entities. This module does the same, as Filefield Paths, but focus to the file entity, not to the parent entity. This means, you can easier to handle eg. if a file is uploaded to more entity.


  • Possibly custom configuration for any fieldable entity.
  • If an entity has bundles, you can set up own configuration.
  • You can set the behavior if a file is used in multiple entities.
  • Per configuration settings of transliteration and pathauto cleanup.
  • Works with embed image by media wysiwyg plugin.

Planned features:


Just go to the admin/config/media/fe-paths. You can set up global settings for every file types both public and private files. (If you know other stream wrappers, which could be under File Entity Paths control, feel free to file an issue).
It means, the global settings provides a 'fallback' configuration, if no one rules match during the entity saving, the global settings will be applied on processed file.

What does it mean, path generation configs?

You can add as many configs, as you want, wherein you can set up conditions. When a parent entity is saved (eg a node), all configuration will be loaded, and based on the first matched configuration will the file be processed.

The configurations are weighted, and you can reorder it.


  1. Token
  2. Entity API
  3. File Entity


After a lot of tests, can't catch an error. Transliteration and pathauto cleanup will be implemented soon, after than start with an alpha release. If no critical bug exists during two months, I'll make a stable release.

UPDATE 2012.09.14:
Configurations are entities now! If you used this module before, don't forget to download Entity API, as a new dependency, and run update.php!

Near to the release!

Please test it, as many configurations, as you can do. Multiple files, files used in more entities, more fields! There are a real complex configuration - condition implemented, so file an issue with details of your configurations, entity, field settings.
I really appreciate the patches!

WARNING! This module is developed paralel with file_entity 2.x branch. This module is ready for production use, but only with limited number of configurations (tested with max 5.).

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