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When using field collections, a view mode can be associated with each field collection item which will then switch the display of fields in the edit form for that particular field collection item.

For example, assume a field collection for a content type contains three fields:

  1. field_subtitle
  2. field_image
  3. field_extra_text

and the three view modes for this content type are:

  1. Full Content: Shows all 3 fields
  2. Teaser: Shows field_subtitle and field_image
  3. Extra: Shows field_image and field_extra_text

If you create or edit content for this content type, for each field collection item, you can toggle the view mode between Full Content, Teaser, and Extra and, in doing so, it will show and hide the correct fields based on the view mode chosen.

For example, if Teaser is chosen, for the field collection item, then the editor will only see the field_subtitle and field_image fields within the field collection item area. And, if they toggle to Extra, then field_subtitle will be hidden and field_extra_text will be shown.

TODO: explain why this is useful (how to get entity view display to match this)


The Field Collection module is required and must be patched with the following patch: (TODO)

The Field Group module is useful but not required.


This is a beta version version of the module. The plan is to get it to a stable Drupal 7 version finished by August 2016. Once Field Collection is migrated to Drupal 8, this module will be ported to Drupal 8.

Known problems

When the AJAX updates a fieldset to show/hide fields within the field collection, the fieldset state is not preserved so it will become collapsed. This is being addressed in a different module (TODO: point to that module).


Once Field Collection is migrated to Drupal 8 and has a stable version, this module will be ported to Drupal 8.


Initial creation and development: Chris Darke
Reviewers: loopduplicate, Aimee Degnan, Kristen Pol






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