This module allows individual field values to be modified on their own custom tabs on the entity's page. Each field must be enabled from the field's settings page, then the new tab will show.

FATE is 49% Field API Pane Editor, 49% References Manager, 2% cherry on top.

Security vulnerability in 7.x-1.0

There is a major security vulnerability in v7.x-1.0, if you are using that release you must update to 7.x-1.1 otherwise it's possible that any user could edit any field that is FATE-enabled. See SA-CONTRIB-2014-053 for full details.


The primary features include:

  • Full support for (probably/hopefully) all fields.
  • Support for revisions.
  • Currently limited to node fields.

A Trello board is being used to help coordinate development.

Credits / Contact

Maintained by Damien McKenna. Based upon the Field API Pane Editor module by Earl Miles and the References Manager module by Damien McKenna.

Ongoing development is sponsored by Mediacurrent.

Supporting organizations: 
Ongoing development sponsorship.

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