This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module provides tokens with login ticket, which can be used in emails for automatic login of users via links from emails.
Admins can build different tokens for different purposes.

To install, place the entire module folder into your modules directory.
Go to administer -> site building -> modules and enable the Fast Login module.

To create a new fast login token go to
Administer -> site Building -> Fast Login Tokens

To enable fast login in your newsletters, add the created token to the end of links in email body.
For example:

<p><a href="[node-url][fastlogin-link]">[title]</a></p>

Requires the very useful Login Ticket module and the great token module.

Can be used with notifications module and managed_newsletters module.

Your feedback would be most appreciated, and if you write your own plugin, please consider contributing back!

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