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Fast Gallery is a simple, lightweight, and fast image gallery. Making albums is as easy as putting images or videos into folders and uploading them to the gallery directory. It is fast because it is not based on nodes and doesn't implement some of the more complex features of larger gallery systems.

Uses Thickbox or Lightbox as the Javascript image display interface. Lightbox slideshows are also supported. You may also turn off the Javascript display framework, in which case thumbnails are linked to the original image with no extra frills. Imagecache is supported as well, for improved thumbnail generation. If you do not have the Imagecache module installed, Fast Gallery will generate the thumbnails cache internally through PHP functions.

This module is sponsered by www.schaerwebdesign and
Special thanks to Nicholas ( and for all the work and features he put into this module

Future Development

The last 6-4 Version got kinda out of hand and was just too hard and complicated to maintain. So I made a backport of the D7 version, which is much more stable, but maybe with not quite that many features. The new architecture:

Integration of Cooliris. Help is very welcome!: #518666: Cooliris Support

Features that will be lost

- Exif support
- Video support

Features that will work

- Stability (implemented)
- Images (implemented)
- Public API
- Performance (implemented)
- Features support (implemented)
- In place editing 5.2 version (implemented) Screenshot
- Galleria support
- Lightbox support

Upgradepath: This should not be a problem. Just hit the rescan button and your gallery will be created. If you update from 6.4.x to 6.5 make sure that all the fast_gallery tables are deleted from the database, by uninstalling the current version and then reinstall fast_gallery again.
Also upgrading from Drupal 6 to 7 is not going to be a problem with fast gallery.

jQuery Edit in Place plugin is required for inline editing

Project information