#D8CX: I pledge that FancyZoom will have a full Drupal 8 release on the day that Drupal 8 is released.

FancyZoom is a simple, clean image zoomer with a drop shadow and close box meant to emulate the visual style of Mac OS X. It is based on FancyZoom 1.1 created by Cabel Sasser of Panic, Inc. I've rewritten the FancyZoom Javascript using JQuery, changed function and variable names to avoid conflicts with other scripts, added code to avoid stepping on Lightbox and Thickbox, and compressed the script with /packer/ for size and speed.


Note that the FancyZoom Javascript itself needs to be installed separately. So once you've downloaded and decompressed the FancyZoom module, download the drop-in javascript folder hosted at Thinkyhead. Decompress the archive and drop the resulting "fancyzoom" folder into your sites/*/libraries folder or into the fancyzoom module folder. If you have a previous installation, you should run update.php.


Once the module has been enabled, FancyZoom automatically applies throughout the entire website. Any link (text or image) that points directly to an image file will zoom that image in-place instead of opening it in a separate browser window. For improved responsiveness, the zoomed image begins loading as soon as the user hovers over the link. To prevent a particular image link from zooming simply add rel="nozoom" to the link's attributes. To show a caption set a title attribute on your <a> tag.

The settings form (admin/settings/fancyzoom) includes customizable options for speed, appearance, and behavior. The form will use the Colorpicker module if you have it installed.

License Fee

Although free for non-commercial use, Cabel Sasser requests a one-time license fee for use on commercial websites. Please visit the FancyZoom web site for more details.

This module and the associated scripts are derivative works based on original work by Cabel Sasser. The author of this module is not affiliated with Panic, Inc. or www.fancyzoom.com.

Project Information