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Now that Drupal 7 is widely used and there are so many easy ways to produce jQuery slideshows using the views module, Fancy Slide is redundant, although it is still available for those Drupal 6 users who want to use it.

Fancy Slide is a jQuery slideshow module with a fancy interface. Check out our demo! It has the following features:

  • Automatically advance to the next slide after the specified delay, or manually advance to the next slide.
  • Thumbnails of each slide to allow manual advancement.
  • Descriptions of images read automatically from image alt text.
  • Integrates with CCK imagefield.
  • Integrates with imagecache to automatically size images.
  • Integrates with nodequeue to give fine control over content and order of slideshow.
  • Choice of animations such as slide or fade.
  • Control over animation speed between slides.

You must be using CCK imagefield for this module to work. imagecache and nodequeue are optional extras to enhance functionality.

Ideas for new features are always welcome. Please create an issue in the issue queue.

This module is developed by the team at Tigerfish.

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