Please note: This module currently has no way of outputting GEDCOM compliant data.

The Family Tree module is for recording, displaying and analyzing genealogical data. It allows for the creation of things (nodes), such as

  • Individual people
  • Family "groups" (marriages, unions, parents, children, etc.)
  • Customized locations (e.g. place of union, etc.), events (e.g. divorce, etc.), artifact data records and linking
  • A lot more


6.x-1.x is the current new feature branch of Family Tree. While the 4.7 and 5.x-1.x branches are stable release branches at this point, only 5.x-3.x included node creation AND node relationships. The entire database and module structure was scrapped after 5.x-1.4 for a complete redesign. If you used Family Tree prior to this version, you will need to upgrade to 5.x-1.4, export your data, uninstall the module, install the 5.x-3.x version, and import your data.

Here is a more in-depth feature list:

  • Node types for individuals, family groups, and locations.
  • Views integration and Token support.
  • Relationship assignment.
  • Link users to individuals
  • Graphs for ascendancy and descendancy.
  • Full support for access control by Drupal roles and permissions.
  • GED file import.

Proposed future feature additions in no particular order:

  • Export to GED file.
  • Make module fields available to Views and CCK.
  • Date and Calendar integration.
  • Family record privacy.
  • Tighter relationship integration with nodes and users.

The Family Tree module is now maintained by jerdiggity, and was previously maintained by Pyutaros' with extensive co-maintainership by Microbe. The redesign for the 5.x-3.x branch has had major help and development from Microbe. During Pyutaros' maintainership, the Family Tree module has had additional help from the following individuals: pfolk with some major feature additions, and Seth E Shaw with some new feature implementation as well.

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