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This module provides a multiselect widget plugin for the Facet API module.

It allows faceted searches (for example, those performed with Apache Solr) to use a multiple select dropdown for drilling down into the search results. It automatically supports optgroups (for data with a hierarchy) as well.

Although this module can be used on its own, the standard HTML multiple select element which it outputs is generally considered to have poor usability. Thus, this module's primary use case is to allow easy integration of faceted search with JavaScript plugins that provided an enhanced experience for multiple select dropdowns. For example:

For help on integrating with JavaScript plugins, see the README.txt.

Related projects

If you are interested in this module, you might also want to take a look at the following projects (this module also owes a debt to them for inspiration for some of the code):

  • Facetapi Select (provides a widget plugin for single selects, rather than multiselects)
  • Facet API Chosen (integrates directly with the Chosen JavaScript plugin, but currently only supports single selects, not multiselects)


This project was sponsored by Advomatic.

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