The Facebook Share module enables Drupal site administrators to add a Facebook Share button to selected content type nodes in their website(s). The motivation behind this module was the TweetMeme module which allows users to retweet about a given website node.

The Facebook Share module gives Drupal site administrators the ability to choose the following settings:

  • determine content types to display the Facebook Share button on
  • whether to display the Facebook Share button on the teaser, full view, or both
  • what button type to be displayed (box_count, button_count, button, icon_link, or icon)
  • what share text to be displayed on the button (Share by default)

When the Facebook Share module is enabled for a content type, website viewers can click the Facebook Share button to share a link to that node in their Facebook stream.

Benefits of using the Facebook Share module instead of modules that allow users to select from a variety of social networks (ex: Add to Any Share/Bookmark Button, Service links, and FB Drupal):

  • A count of the number of times that a link been shared on Facebook
  • The administrator can keep a stronger hold on what social networks the content of their websites is shared on
  • The type of icon/button that is used can be selected where other modules only allow a small icon for the variety of social networks that they support
  • While the FB Drupal module allows for publishing to a Facebook user's activity stream, the FB Drupal module is a platform for developing Facebook applications that are driven by Drupal and a Facebook application must be built and added by Facebook users in order to have information pushed to their activity stream. Using the Facebook Share module, there is no need to for users to add and authorize an application on Facebook, they simply need to be logged into Facebook.

NOTE: This module has been tested to work in Chrome 4+, Safari 4+, Firefox 3.5+, IE 7+, and Opera 10.5+ on Windows (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE, and Oper), Mac OS X (Chrome, Safari, and Firefox), and Linux (Chrome and Firefox). If it is not displaying on your website and your theme uses PHPEngine, be sure to include print $closure; just before the </body> tag.

Please also take note that this module was developed to provide the basic Facebook Share functionality of adding a Share button on the desired nodes. This module will only alter/add functionality with Facebook when the Facebook APIs pertaining to the Facebook Share functionality are updated and required it.

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