This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module leverages the Facebook Open Stream API. Once installed, the module allows users of the Drupal instance to access their Facebook account and view the real time stream of their friends’ updates from Facebook in a block within their Drupal instance. Users can control the number of posts viewable via the profile settings tab.

To access live stream on their Drupal instance, a user will have to give the application permission to access his/her Facebook account. The module will auto-retrieve and update the Live Stream block .The auto-retrieval interval for the Live Stream, can be configured by site administrator in the block configuration page.

This module also supports Publish comments, likes and status messages functionality. Admin can allow whether the users of the application post comments, likes, status messages through admin/settings/facebook_stream page.

Latest version 6.x-3.x

1. This version become independent of the fbconnect module.
2. It can work independently and can also work with the modules fbconnect and drupal for facebook.
3. If you are not using fbconnect or drupal for facebook modules, then just download this module and install. Configure the facebook application API and secret key in the admin/settings/facebook_stream page.
4. If you are already using fbconnect or drupal for facebook module, then download and install this module in admin/settings/facebook_stream page select the version of fbconnect or drupal for facebook module you are using.

Upgrading to 6.x-3.x

Since we are not storing any of the facebook user content in drupal, upgrading to latest version is very easy. Just uninstall the older version of this module and install the new version. While installing new version follow the steps specified in the README.txt.

Currently working on

We are currently working on the following features and will update you once we get it up and tested.

1) Providing support for Facebook Pages.
2) Provide Facebook Filter Support to the users via the drupal instance.

This project has been sponsored by Azri Solutions

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