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Facebook-style Statuses

Provides streams of status updates like Twitter or Facebook's "wall" feature: each user/node/group/taxonomy term/whatever can have a "stream" or microblog where users can express their thoughts to the community. @mentions and #hashtags are supported, as well as comments on status updates, viewing conversations between users, the ability to "like"/"reply" to/RT a message, automatic updates without page refreshing, and integration with over 25 modules.

Facebook-style Statuses is moving to the Statuses namespace for Drupal 7+.

Statuses are not nodes, which keeps everything light and quick.

Short Feature List

  • Each user/node/group/taxonomy term can have their own "status"/microblog/wall/guestbook
  • Users can see threaded conversations
  • @mentions and #hashtags like Twitter
  • Users can "like"/"reply" to/RT a status message
  • Integration with over 25 other modules including Profile, Views, Activity, Heartbeat, Triggers/Actions, Rules, Flag, Taxonomy, Twitter, Userpoints, Pathauto, Author Pane, Taxonomy, Input Filters, SMS Framework, User Relationships, Flag Friend, Views Bulk Operations, CTools/Panels, Devel, Mollom, Mentions, Popups API (in 2.x) / Modal Frame (in 3.x), Shorten URLs (in 3.x), Services (in 3.x), Context (in 3.x), Notifications (in 3.x), Domain Access (in 3.x), Timeago (in 3.x), ImageCache Profiles (in 3.x), and more
  • Complete and up-to-date documentation for developers and themers

These modules extend the functionality that FBSS provides. Also check out the many integrated modules.


This module is not affiliated with Facebook in any way.

You can get the status update box to grow automatically like on Facebook by downloading the jQuery Autogrow plugin and putting it in your site's libraries folder (typically sites/all/libraries -- if that folder doesn't exist, you can create it).

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