Facebook rules module extends FBOauth permissions and integrates with Rules module.
Once the user's Drupal Account is connected to his/her FaceBook Account, FaceBook Rules can be used to set up actions based on particular events or triggers.

It provides following rules:

User logged in using Facebook connect.
User connected existing own account to Facebook.
User registered using Facebook connect.
User registered using Facebook connect, requires admin approval.

User's Drupal account is connected to Facebook account.

Post to user's wall.


1. FBOauth
2. Rules
3. Persistent Dismissable Messages (latest dev version, applies to facebook_rules > 1.4)

Similar module

To post on facebook page instead of user walls, consider Facebook Page Rules

NOTE: Facebook is depreciating offline_access permission wef 01/05/12. If you are using version 7.x-1.0 or 7.x-1.1, kindly upgrade the module to latest stable release. You'd need to run update.php after replacing the files.

Development of this module was sponsored by Srijan Technologies.

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