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Sponsored and developed by TrestleMedia

This module adds some extra functionality to the External Links module.


  • Allows the use of a colorbox popup for the "leaving this site" alert text.
  • The advantage to this is that you may now use different input formats for the text (html, php, etc).

  • The alert text also supports Drupal's tokens
  • We provide a couple of our own tokens, like the URL you are being taken to and the URL you are coming from. By default this is implemented by providing "Cancel" and "Go to link" links.

  • Option for an automatic redirect timer for the popup.
  • You can specify the number of seconds and a countdown will be shown.

  • Provide an intermediate page
  • Takes the user to a separate page after clicking an external link. This is just like External Link Page but has the advantage of integrating with extlink's other features, like showing icons next to external links, or supporting its other configuration options. It's also very themable and allows the use of the aforementioned tokens and such.

  • It's extremely themable - you have complete control of the output via the use of tokens and well explained tpl files.


  1. Check your requirements: You need External Links at minimum. You'll also need colorbox if you want support for the colorbox popup and token if you want a UI for token support (recommended)
  2. Configuration is on the same page as the External Links module, /admin/config/user-interface/extlink. Your options are all right here. You should hit 'save' on this form at least once after enabling the module.
  3. That's it!

    The extlink-extra-leaving.tpl.php file is used for housing the text on the "/now-leaving" page and the pop-up, whichever you choose to use.

    If you want your markup more in the tpl than the UI, take a look at extlink-extra-leaving.tpl.example.php, it is well explained.

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