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Create forms that submit a search to an external search engine, like Google, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, or any other engine that uses query strings for form submissions (GET). External Search comes with predefined settings for a lot of common search engines in the following categories:

  • Dictionaries and encyclopaedia
  • General Search sites
  • Media
  • Programming

If you would like a form for a search engine that isn't predefined, you can enter its settings at the External Search administration page.

Adding predefined engines

If you know a public search engine that is used by a lot of people, please create a feature request. Keep in mind that not all search sites will be predefined. The internet is very big and only settings for important or widely known and used sites will be shipped with External Search.


When using the development version, you may need to reinstall the module if you are experiencing problems after updating. This is because the database tables have changed during development. Reinstalling External Search makes sure your tables are up to date.

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