This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This Module has been created with reference to project proposal for Google Summer Of Code present here

This module basically aims at five major additions to the features of the Drupal 7.

1)Inclusion of new Form API Elements like Email, Search, URL, Range, Telephone, Date Picker, Time Picker, Color Picker as well as including validator functions once support is provided in major browsers.

2) Including the Drag and Drop Functionality for automatic file upload from a File Browser to the Web Browser. This currently utilises similar Functionality like Swell JS.

3)Theming functions for various HTML 5 elements like video and audio as well as the new Form elements.

4)Support for ExCanvas API which replaces the traditional canvas elements in the IE browsers.

5)Overriding of the default Filtered HTML input format to add HTML5 elements, as well as removing the inactive elements.

Project Information