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Exercise 2.0 calender screenshot


Exercise Planner allows teachers to create exercises, and students to combine exercises into exercise plans. The exercise plans can be downloaded as printer friendly documents.

Exercise Planner is meant to be used as a teaching aid in gym classes, but it can also be used to create exercise plans for any other setting.


Look at 1.x screenshots


This module creates a content type named "exercise".
Currently your users must be logged in to use exercise 2.0.

Exercise Planner 2.x

Exercise and exerciseplan has been merged into a single module which uses the JStorage module to store user data.

New features in 2.x

  • New calender interface makes it easier to create exercise plans.
  • Periodic plans and workouts are now stored for each user.
  • Improved user interface and support for IE.
  • Improved performance.
  • ... and more!

1.x - 2.x update instructions

  1. Make sure the JStorage module is installed and enabled.
  2. Disable the module named exerciseplan.
  3. Delete the sites/all/modules/exercise folder.
  4. Copy the new exercise folder to sites/all/modules.
  5. Run update.php.
  6. Check your settings and permissions. In order to use the exercise planner the user must have the following permissions: access jstorage, view exercise and access exercise plan.
  7. Clear your site's cache.


The project is financed by the Norwegian Digital Learning Arena(NDLA), and developed by Amendor(norwegian only).

The exercise planner is being used on NDLA's e-learning site(Norwegian only).

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