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The module is intended to become a bundle of tiny modules providing various approaches to connect Drupal and the Ethereum blockchain.

This module is in Prove of concept state.

As most projects around Ethereum are in Alpha'ish state. It's a longterm project.
See roadmap

Current Features

Drupal and Ethereum will use a implementation of the JSON RPC Ethereum API which is developed next to this module as a Ethereum PHP library.

I developed a Example Login Smart Contract to enable a simple connect Drupal user with Ethereum Address functionality. The contract could be modified to provide a "payed" log-in.

Ethereum user connector

submodule will add a Ethereum Address field to the user profile. The user may validate his address by submitting a Drupal generated hash to the login contract using Metamask browser plugin or Ethereum's Mist browser.
Drupal backend connects to the blockchain uses PHP to verify the users submission and adds an "Authorized Ethereum User" role on success.

Connect to Ethereum

The module settings allow you to use Infura to access Ethereum network nodes for a easy start. You may connect to any other Ethereum Node of your trust to connect.


Composer is required in order to download the ethereum-php library.

If you used composer to install Drupal core and the Ethereum module everything should work out of the box.

Don't know composer? You should.

Getting started

Please check the installation instructions.

Additional info

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