Allows you do define rich relationships between Drupal entities while storing relationship data independently of either entity. Provides out of the box hook_form_edit() support for nodes and users, with hooks to allow other entities to support relationships.

Provides two modules: er and er_ui. You’ll need to enable er_ui to do anything useful. (Please ignore the er_views module, which is under heavy development and likely to be broken in dev builds.)

After installing:

  1. Visit admin/structure/er/settings to set up which entity types are relationships-enabled. Try ‘Basic Page’ for a test-drive.
  2. Visit admin/structure/er/role to define some entity roles; (Parent, Child, Teacher, Student, Doctor, Patient, etc.)
  3. Visit admin/structure/er to define a new relationship
  4. Edit a Basic Page node and check out the ‘Relationships’ tab.
  5. Save the page and behold the new ‘Relationship’ section.

Major goals for this project:

* Views integration
* RDFa integration

You may also be interested in these projects:
* Relation
* Entity API

Development of the Entity Relationships project is sponsored by The Proof Group.

Project Information