This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Allows you do define rich relationships between Drupal entities while storing relationship data independently of either entity. Provides out of the box hook_form_edit() support for nodes and users, with hooks to allow other entities to support relationships.

Provides two modules: er and er_ui. You’ll need to enable er_ui to do anything useful. (Please ignore the er_views module, which is under heavy development and likely to be broken in dev builds.)

After installing:

  1. Visit admin/structure/er/settings to set up which entity types are relationships-enabled. Try ‘Basic Page’ for a test-drive.
  2. Visit admin/structure/er/role to define some entity roles; (Parent, Child, Teacher, Student, Doctor, Patient, etc.)
  3. Visit admin/structure/er to define a new relationship
  4. Edit a Basic Page node and check out the ‘Relationships’ tab.
  5. Save the page and behold the new ‘Relationship’ section.

Major goals for this project:

* Views integration
* RDFa integration

You may also be interested in these projects:
* Relation
* Entity API

Development of the Entity Relationships project is sponsored by The Proof Group.

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