This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.


This project builds content objects from drupal and bundles them into an
EPUB 3.0 document. Currently it will export a rendered entity seperate of all
of the page markup and gather all the referenced resources within the content
and bundle those into one EPUB document.

That is, this module looks at the content and determines what should be included
in the EPUB document. The actual build process takes place during cron, make
sure to run cron as a user that has access to the content necessary otherwise
the build will fail.

Installation & Libraries


This project requires: entity, field and libraries API (2.x)


This project requires the FunnyMonkey-EPUB-Package library which can be found
on github;

This should be extracted to your libraries directory with the name 'FunnyMonkey-EPUB-Package'.


To ensure proper handling by all browsers you may need to add the following to
your apache config. (httpd.conf, mime.conf, .htaccess, etc.). Otherwise
browsers may try to render the binary content rather than downloading and/or
displaying via an external application.

  AddType application/epub+zip .epub


Add the EPUB field to any node content type. Then after editing a node of the
corresponding type it will be queued to build its EPUB document during the next
cron cycle. Any linked content will automatically be discovered and bundled
within the EPUB using the node the field is attached to to determine which
other linked content should be included and what content should be part of the
primary navigation and/or Table of Contents.

Other notes

This has been tested primarily with nodes and taxonomy. So if you are
experiencing issues with other entities please open a feature request explaining
any details or issues you may be experiencing.


Please review epub_export.api.php where several drupal_alter functions are
documented to aid in modifying the export behavior.

Bug Reports

If you experience any bugs with the EPUB bundling please review the watchdog
logs for pertinent messages and include these in any bug reports. Additionally
for any issues with bundled EPUB files please use the assessment tool found
below and/or include the problem EPUB file along with any issues that are filed.

Developed and maintained by the friendly primates at FunnyMonkey.

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