EPSA Crop - Screenshot

EPSA Crop is a module that allows a user to choose coordinates for different presets on an image. If a user defines coordinates EPSACrop will override the Imagecache process and will set new coordinates.

Every preset with the crop action is handled by EPSACrop. If the user don't change the coordinates, the normal imagecache process is applied.

EPSACrop 1.x depends on these modules

EPSACrop 2.x depends on this module

You can try the module (Drupal 6.x) on this demo web site : http://www.aswissidea.com

EPSACrop 2.x for Drupal 7 doesn't support upgrade from 1.x (D6)

You can try the module (Drupal 7.x) on this demo website : http://www.aswissidea.org/

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