The purpose of this module is to migrate fields created from the References module to the Entity Reference module. This is a continuation of the amazing work from #1308490: Migration from references module. The code has been converted into a drush plugin along with a rudimentary web ui. Pieces that have been worked on in the code include being able to specify which field should get migrate (so not all pieces get migrated at once), migration of field settings, and possible migration of views settings.

Version 2.x

The 2.x rewrite has fixed #1908518: 1 step insert could cause memory issue and #1681908: Support Migration of Term reference field to Entity Reference field has a patch that could use a pair of eyes to make sure it makes sense. If you wish to use this module, the 1.x version of the module is still around but it is *strongly* recommended to move over to the 2.x branch (all commands, menu paths are still the same so the upgrade path on this is quite simple!)

How to use this module

Before starting the field conversion process, please view the README.

What currently works:

  • References field deletion and EntityReference Field creation
  • Mapped most of the possibilities that were on the References Field display settings
  • Migrate fields individually.
  • A web UI that will let you migrate any new / remaining references fields. Drush is still your best bet for ensuring sites with large sets of data in references fields get migrated properly.

What needs to be done:

  • Views Integration (the 1.x branch supported some level of views conversions but was removed from the 2.x version due to strange issues. Now that core migration bugs are worked out, this will be the next step).
  • Respect the widget settings that were on the References Field. Basic widget settings (core select, checkboxes, autocomplete are all working but anything outside core will require more effort.
  • Code cleanup.


  • Amitaibu, and das-peter, and michaek for starting on all the work.
  • johnv for bringing some much needed love to the module with patches (particularly doing all the hard work on taxonomy term reference migrations).

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