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This module acts like an abstraction layer for different query builders or content list functionalities in Drupal. This abstraction layer makes it possible to display and cache lists of entities in a consistent way through Panels. The integration with Cache Tags the friendly fork of Cache Tags allows for very granular and effective cache invalidation for all your panes and entity lists.

Handler are provided for the following query builders or content list functionalities:


Views is great. It's the best thing that ever happened to Drupal! We are using Views for many things, but sometimes we just want to...

  • ...display nodes directly from a Nodequeue, instead of doing it through Views
  • ...display nodes directly from a reference field on an available entity, instead of re-fetching that information through Views
  • ...just use a simple EntityFieldQuery to display a list of entities through Panels

All this can now be displayed and cached with high granularity in a consistent way through Panels.

How it works

Entity List handlers only deals with query building or listings, never presentation. Entity lists (e.g. Views or Nodequeue) are added to a panel page as a context. Then you can add panes with configurable view mode for each entity in that list. This allows you to build very reusable layout elements. Use Mini Panels and Display Suite to make element even more reusable and consistent to work with!

For performance this is good because you can use efficient caching plugins for Panels. Cache invalidation with high granularity also becomes easier since every entity in the list is represented by a separate pane.


This module is still experimental. The concept and its API is not yet settled. All handlers are not done (or even functional), so this module is definitely not ready for production use.

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