This module allow add entity view count statistics for all entity types, when this are viewed (entity view mode full).
It works like node view counter of statistics module, it's based on it, but is integrated with all entity types.
You can store for each entity type daily views, total views, and the last view.

It's integrated with views if you want sort a entity by his views.

Use this module if you want only count entity views, if you want some complex functionality, like user view counters, use entity_view_count. Entity view count stores a entity for each view, which could be more than you need for your page, if you want only entity counts.

@NOTE: For some entity types (like taxonomy term), will need check this option in some cases due to increment is done by url check, and sometimes pattern
doesn't coincides! Only works when entity uri has this pattern: '[entity_type]/[entity_id]'.

If you use ajax option, an ajax call will be made to a aislated php
file. If your site is configured to be secure, this file couldn't be called!
You should make an exception for this file.

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