Entity Pager module
Entity Pager configuration in Views

The Entity Pager allows you to create new Navigation blocks in a few seconds. It provides next and previous navigation on any Entity (e.g. Nodes, Users etc..). The items and the order they appear are completely customizable via Views.

Using the module you can add multiple different navigation blocks on the same entity. This module combines Views, Blocks, Tokens and has its own internal intelligent advice system with tips that are (optionally) published to Watchdog. It is designed to run fast with the minimum of processing and will happily provide navigation on 50,000 nodes in a fraction of a second.

Entity Pager is SEO friendly and will automatically work with SEO optimized URLs without any extra configuration.

It is simple to use, allowing you to create new Navigation blocks in a few seconds. For more complex pagers, it can combine with the Entity Reference module to create sub-navigation on related entities.

e.g. navigate through a Brands products or go back to the Brand page itself.


YouTube demonstration: Entity Pager module on YouTube

Installation shown via screenshots: Entity Pager screenshots

Demonstration Block/View:
When turning on this module an Entity Pager demonstration View block is created called: Entity Pager Example. Enable this block in a region of your theme on a page with a node on and this will display an Entity Pager block for nodes.

Notes re Drupal 8

Entity Pager is now available for Drupal 8 as an alpha. Give it a try and post any issues you find.

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