This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Encrypt Password is a simple module to encrypt the hashes of user passwords. It provides an extra level of security beyond using a salt and employing multiple iterations of the hashing algorithm. This module does not change or override Drupal's standard hashing functions and it will not allow you to make users' plaintext passwords retrievable.

The settings page provides the following options:

  • Encrypt passwords: If this checkbox is selected, password encryption will be enabled.
  • Configuration: Allows selection of a configuration to be used for password encryption. Configurations are provided by the Encrypt module.
  • Roles: Allows only certain roles to be included for password encryption.

The page also displays statistics about encrypted passwords, listed by role. When the settings form is submitted, if encryption is enabled, any existing passwords for users with the chosen roles will be encrypted.

Encrypt Password requires the Encrypt module in order to provide the functionality for encrypting and decrypting. Encrypt Password is currently very stable, but since user account passwords are being modified, it's an excellent idea to perform a backup of the users table before enabling encryption.

Work on this module was sponsored by Townsend Security.

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