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E-mail Marketing Framework

Generic (framework) implementation of Campaign Monitor Advanced module.

You can now extend this module to work with other services too. Plugins for Campaign Monitor and MailChimp are already provided.


  • Support for multiple lists.
  • Automatically fetches lists and fields.
  • Asynchronous pushing of subscription and unsubscription requests. Reduces load and makes it more reliable and faster. Subscription statuses are locally available though.
  • Map fields to Drupal tokens, profile fields and PHP code.
  • Provides block per list. Provides block to subscribe to all lists at once.
  • Custom field values for authenticated users are automatically calculated an not asked again.

Supported services

Important note for people who upgrade from 1.1 to 1.2

The plugin modules have been renamed So after you have uploaded this update and ran update.php, you should re-enable the mailchimp or campaign monitor plugin you used before.


Campaign Monitor integration sponsored by Calibrate.


If you want basic integration with Campaign Monitor, check out Campaign Monitor module.

If you want basic integration with Mailchimp, check out MailChimp module.

Why the framework

Most services provide an API which is very similar. Using this module we can implement a feature only once and use it on all services. To use this module with another service, just implement a plugin module. Checkout the provided modules for Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor to see how that's done.

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Davy Van Den Bremt

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