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Embed Widgets in Action

Embed widgets allows content such as pages, blocks, views, and nodes from your Drupal site to be embedded in external sites (including non-Drupal ones). Widgets can be embedded in the following formats:

  • iFrame: Allows widgets to be embedded in any website that allows <script> tags.
  • Google Gadgets: Allows widgets to be embedded in any web page, iGoogle, and OpenSocial containers.
  • Facebook FBML: Allows widgets to be embedded in Facebook applications, but not profiles.

The first alpha release of Embed Widgets 2 was recently posted. It is not yet recommended that you upgrade from previous versions as there is no upgrade path, but feel free to test it out and play with it. Not recommended for production sites.

Embed Widgets 6.x-1.0 requires the following modules:

Embed Widgets is being developed by John Snow. See further information on this page:

Development sponsored by Trellon.
This project was a part of Google Summer of Code 2008.

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