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Clients often have a need for taking code from a third-party service and injecting that into their site through embed codes. Tracking pixels, third-party forms, and media assets are good examples of embeds that your clients might request for their web application.

With most sites giving users a text filter that strips out JavaScript and other HTML tags, it can be difficult to manage the injection of these embeds at scale. The purpose of the Embed Templates module is to present users with text fields for the unique information that is inserted in template files containing JavaScript or other restricted HTML tags. This way users with only basic permissions can manage embeds all by themselves without requiring an administrator to approve each one.

Out of the box, this module provides templates for:

  • DoubleClick Tracking Pixel
  • Facebook Tracking Pixel
  • TwitterTracking Pixel

More templates will be added in the future as sub-modules, and each template will be versioned making upgrading old embed codes an easier task.

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