This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

eKaay method

eKaay - QR Code Login

Login with your smartphone - without password!

Using eKaay, a user of a Drupal website can log into his/her account by scanning a QR code on the PC screen with his/her smartphone. eKaay is just an additional access, i.e. the password access is kept.

Why should a user of a Drupal website use eKaay?

  • he/she doesn't need to memorize username and password anymore,
  • he/she doesn't need to type the password into foreign PC's anymore,
  • he/she can login everywhere, on any device: PC, notebook, tablet, and - of course - on the smartphone itself,
  • the eKaay app is available for free for iPhones and Android smartphones.

Why should a Drupal website install eKaay?

  • the website can offer its users more comfort and security, see above,
  • eKaay increases the availability of the website.
  • eKaay increases user/customer loyality

More information you find on the eKaay website.

The Drupal module prepares the interface to the eKaay server SDK. The ekaay server SDK (PHP/mySQL) can be ordered via email to info at ekaay dot com. The Drupal module requieres no manual settings and the ekaay server SDK requires only a few manual settings, like database name, etc. The integration instructions can be found at eKaay/Drupal Integration. Estimated total time/effort for the integration: 10 minutes.

A demo can be found here. Try it: register for an account, log in via password, go to "My account/eKaay", download the eKaay app to your smartphone, activate eKaay, log out, and then try the QR code login!

eKaay was developped by students and scientists of the University of Tübingen, Germany.

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