This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module is a powerful production publishing system. It allows you to create and control your own electronic (and possibly printed) journals in Drupal - you can set up as many journals as you want, add authors and editors. Module gives you issue management, basic user and access control, vocabularies and archives. This module was inspired by Open Journal System which is an open-source online submission and manuscript tracking system. The Drupal platform is more flexible though, it gives you many ways to extend your publishing system.
Currently, the module is made of the following packages (needless to say, you can combine them with other modules):
ejournal - the core functionality of an publications/issue management
ejournalaccess - for setting access to different group of users
ejournalauthors - use Drupal taxonomy as user profiles links
ejournalcitation - construct citation reference beneath published articles
ejournalshortly - for publication of short messages along side with the main content

Do not be afraid of the development releases! The red colour does not mean they are worse than the green ones, quite often it is the contrary.

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