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Editview is a plugin for the Views module. It allows you to create a view in which the nodes are editable, and new nodes can be created. Editview uses AJAX to speed things up, but will still work on browsers with javascript disabled.


Note that the Drupal 5 version is now deprecated; new features will not be added and bugs probably not solved. A Drupal 7 version will not be started until Views for Drupal 7 is at least in beta and until we had at least one non-beta release for Drupal 6.

  1. Ensure that the Views module is installed and enabled.
    For Drupal 6, you should use Views 2, not Views 3.
  2. If installing on Drupal 5, install this patch to provide form validation. Skip this step if installing on Drupal 6.
  3. Download and unpack the latest Editview tarball in your drupal modules directory.
  4. Enable the Editview module on your drupal admin/modules page.
  5. Drupal 6: Check the patches directory for patches for other modules (currently, a patch for CCK is needed for multi-value fields).

Usage (Drupal 6)

Note that the usage examples (cookbooks) are now available in the README and through the help function in your site.

Editviews are created just like any other type of view:

  1. At this moment, Editview can only be used on node views (View Type must be set to Node when creating the view).
  2. If you want to be able to add new nodes in the view, set the style to Editview in Basic settings.
  • You must now indicate what type of node will be added through the new node form and where it will appear.
  • Make sure all required fields are included in the view, or new nodes will fail validation.
  • It may be a good idea to provide a Sort criteria of Node: Post date so that when adding new nodes, they appear where users expect them to appear.
  • If you do not want to add new nodes, select any other style that allows you to set a row style and set the row style to Editview. Alternatively, you can now select not to display the new node form when using the Edtiview style.
  • Usage (Drupal 5)

    1. Select the View Type as one of Editview - table or Editview - compressed.
    2. Editview assumes that your view is filtered to display only one node type. This is so that the Editview knows what type to make any nodes it adds.
    3. You should include any required fields in the view, otherwise adding new nodes will be impossible, since any nodes you try to add will fail their validation.
    4. You should provide a Sort Criteria of Created time: descending so that when adding new nodes, they appear where users expect them to appear.

    About the Developers

    This project was created by Agileware Pty Ltd, Please contact us if you require a Drupal theme, custom Drupal module development, Drupal systems integration or have a complex Drupal project. We love Drupal!

    The currently active maintainer is Frodo Looijaard <>.

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