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Improves the administration interface.

This module intends to improve the Drupal administration interface by adding more administration features directly on frontend pages.

Updates !

As frontend block editing has been included in Drupal core 8.2 this module has now not as much improvements as before, so we recommend to use the Drupal core's feature.


For now, this module improves block management by adding a new toolbar in the administration menu available in frontend pages.

Available features :

  • Block creation directly from frontend pages.
  • Block AJAX deletion using the contextual menu.
  • Blocks and regions highlighting to better visualize the page's layout.
  • Block region management with drag and drop (including the "disabled" region).
  • Block weight management inside a region with drag and drop.
  • Block AJAX deletion using using drag an drop into the trash.
  • Choose between an immediate server syncing or a button that will save your layout only when you are done with it

Short video preview:

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