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Edit Term

Edit term provides links on taxonomy listing pages to directly edit taxonomy terms.

This makes it easier to immediately edit term name, synonyms, description, and weight for the term you are viewing without navigating through your site's administrative back end.

On the term edit page, you also have the new ability to set an URL-alias for the term directly, and create and position a menu item - the same way as can be done for nodes. See illustration.

Once changes are made, you are returned to the listing page from which you started, cutting normal term management procedure down from a dozen clicks to just two.

This module is an admin enhancement only and creates no database tables or persistent data.

D7CX: The basic tab function is in core for D7.

This functionality should now be compatable with 'views' that override term-view pages, but there may be some unknown issues.

The main features left to look at are how automatically to find and display itself for uses of taxonomy that override the taxonomy/term menu structure. We've hardcoded it for image, but it would be nice to read off the same table taxonomy redirect manipulates to make this work for all well-coded modules and custom taxonomy_redirect overrides. - this should be fine now with the use of taxonomy_term_path()

Developed by Agaric Design Collective.
Rewritten for Drupal6 by Dan Morrison (dman).

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